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Raw Press

Careers at Raw Press

Raw Press is a leading health and wellbeing brand offering nourishing salads breakfasts snacks as well as a delicious range of organic freshly made and glass bottled cold-pressed juices. We have 2 London-based cafes one in Mayfair and one in Chelsea.


About us

Deeelicious juices and healthy food! 

Our values

Our philosophy is that we help people by making healthy living and eating more accessible and enjoyable, through creating and curating a selection of food and products that are considered, natural and good for you! 


Why are we exciting?

We are a young company trying to build a dominant wellbeing brand across multiple channels, with top ambassadors, partnerships, and a devoted following already in place. Our cafes are a haven of tranquility and healthiness for those interested in a career in wellness! 

Behind the scenes