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Quite simply, we are out to change the world. No small task, we think you'll agree! How many times do we watch the news in horror as we witness the global abuses of human rights, we see that poverty isn't yet history, we see politicians afraid to tackle the causes of climate change and we see devastating problems like homelessness in our own supposedly developed country? How many people know these things need changing, but feel they don't have the drive or skills to participate in changing them?That’s where REAL Fundraising comes in – we help people feel empowered to change the world by being a charity supporter. We know that the front line of positive change worldwide is the incredible project work carried out by our charity and NPO partners. We also know that this cannot be achieved effectively without sustainable, long-term funding. Providing this is our contribution to the positive change we want to see.REAL is about being solution driven. We only employ people who we feel have both the values and the drive. Then we just help them learn the skills. Real problems, Real solutions, REAL fundraisers.

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REAL Fundraising are an industry leading Face to face Fundraising organisation. And they are on a mission to change the world! There’s no doubt it’s a big task, but they’re up for the challenge! As of May 2023, they are the second most ethical company as assessed by B Corp in the UK - a pretty mega milestone we’d say! The team reviews speak volumes about what a brilliant place it is to work - we’d highly recommend you keep an eye out for their open roles!

Stats we are proud of

  • 20%

    profits donated to registered charity

  • 188m

    raised for charities since 2009

  • 123k

    Donated through our REAL Ethical Fund since 2018

  • 194t

    CO2 offset since 2018

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