Careers at Resolve

Resolve is a registered charity that supports the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from substance/alcohol misuse problems in the Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield area, extending services into other areas as and when appropriate. Resolve’s primary aim is to assist all Service Users to move to a manageable positive life style, contributing to and enhancing the communities within which they live. The results will be seen in the following areas:

People in the cycle of substance misuse can (with appropriate support) turn their lives around, improve their living conditions to a point where a return to work is possible.

Carers/Family members will be given the opportunity to interact with Resolve as part of a group and/or individually gaining support to meet the challenges of the family members they are involved with.

Service Users will benefit from improved health, happiness, self-reliance and responsibility which will impact positively on their lives and communities.

Communities will experience a reduction in acquisitive, drug & alcohol related and anti-social crime, thus facilitating an improvement in the quality of life in the local environment.  

Behind the scenes