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We are looking for sharp, hardworking consultants/analysts/project-owners who can manage clients as an advisor and representative of a Sponsor Firm for the Token Sale markets (utility tokens, security tokens).

You will need an interest and some knowledge in the Crypto Economy, DLT, Blockchain space and in Initial Coin/Token Offerings and/or early stage or growth investing. 

You will:

  • Review and analyse projects and businesses in the DLT/Crypto Economy or who want to raise funds via ICOs, ITOs or other models 
  • Conduct detailed due diligence of the clients business proposition, white-papers, team and attributes suitable for investment (whether suitable for ICO or otherwise) 
  • Leverage your existing professional skills and experience in the emerging Token economy, which represents both innovation in technology and funding potential on the one hand and a convergence with traditional capital markets on the other hand
  • Be able to write or improve white papers, project evaluation reports and other documents, with excellent and well-structured written & verbal communication skills (with native or professional proficiency in English) 
  • Be savvy, proactive & hard working with strong professional accountability 
  • Ideally, have the  skills to manage and deliver on the end to end process working with the client, legal advisors, marketing and technology professionals involved in the process 
  • Be able to develop and grow within a very dynamic team from an early stage, depending on your aptitude, work ethic and initiative  

You will likely have experience and professional qualifications in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Legal, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, M + A, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Sponsor or NOMAD roles on the public markets  

For context, consider the provision of advisory services within the Crypto Economy (ICOs, utility tokens, forthcoming security tokens, business and strategic advice) and the 'Sponsor Firm' role within the ecosystem and our website

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