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Roispresso has reinvented the tea experience. Come and join us in kicking off the London revolution!

About us

Tea and coffee are both ancient beverages that have been enjoyed in various forms around the world for millennia. Of the two, however only coffee has benefited from real innovation and has seen a remarkable explosion in popularity in the last few decades. Building on the ever-popular coffee shop favourites of espresso, cappuccino, latte and macchiato, Roispresso offers consumers the unique opportunity to enjoy the same format but made from a healthy and naturally caffeine-free alternative based on our proprietary blend of roibos tea.

Global trends concerned with health and well being continue to grow in significance year on year. Roispresso taps into the consumer's desire for healthy and caffeine-free alternatives whilst not compromising on the theatre and sensation of their preferred beverage format. Using our patented handle that fits all major models of espresso machine we can deliver a whole new experience for the health conscious as well as for those who simply want to regulate their coffee consumption.

The traditional cup of tea is not immune to challenges from herbal, fruit and other blends associated with health and wellbeing, and customers are open to new ideas and tastes. Providing a coffee-format experience offers the next step in supporting this hunger for naturally caffeine-free hot drinks. Blending our teas with popular herbal flavours such as mint, Chamomile and super foods such as Goji, Acai, Guarana and Ginseng ensures we have a strong portfolio of choices.

Since October 2013 we have been trialling Roispresso in premier destinations such as The Trafalgar Hotel and Nobu Restaurant in London, the H Hotel and Intercontinental in Dubai, the Conrad, Peninsula and W Hotel in Hong Kong. You can listen to a testimonial from the General Manager of the Trafalgar Hotel on our website (insert page link here). The success of these consumer trials now leads us to seek a premium Coffee House partner to help launch our unique range to a discerning audience.

Behind the scenes