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Careers at Rubber Republic

There are many companies who make films for the internet. But not many have been doing it as well, or as long, as we have.

We are a collective of writers, film-makers, compulsive content sharers and digital tinkerers, all united in the belief that if anything has a hope of getting shared it needs to be pretty remarkable in the first place.

Writing is at the heart of what we do. We conceive, shoot and post produce the majority our content and having done this for over a decade we have more experience (and a few awards to boot) than many others who claim they can do the same.

-How we work-

Its impossible to guarantee success without knowing how our films will reach their audience. So every project we undertake also comes with its own activation strategy, which we plan at the same time as writing the concept. This is a bespoke combination of blogger outreach, PR, native placements, media partnerships and video syndication.

We use this knowledge of where people will watch our films to write ideas and scripts they will love. We then shoot them with awesome web native crews to make films that are far from the norm.

Based on confidence in our approach, we can provide a guaranteed baseline of results. However we are also happy to collaborate with other agencies to make sure the films we make reach their audience in a well planned way.

Behind the scenes