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Condiments with a Conscience.

Our award-winning range of relishes, ketchup's & mayo's are made from sustainably, using surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, often for simply being the wrong shape, size, or colour.


Every year millions of tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables are discarded, as part of a culture of excessive waste. As lovers of good food, we couldn’t stomach that. Rubies in the Rubble is our response. Delicious, handmade condiments, made as much as possible from surplus fruits and vegetables, fresh from farms and markets before they’re discarded.

Our entire business model is based on a few, core beliefs.

Make use of what you have. Care about your resources. Embrace oddity. Pretty simple, really.

Stats we are proud of

  • 7 Mil

    We've saved 7 Mil pieces of fruit & veg from going to waste

  • 264

    That's equivalent to 264 tonnes of CO2

  • 237

    = Driving 237 miles! The distance from earth to the moon!

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 11
  • 82
    % Female


  • Free Gym

    There's an awesome gym in the office and a few times a week we do team circuit workouts!

  • Free Breakfast

    As lovers of good food we jump out of bed every morning excited for breakfast - so it's a get perk that it's free in the office!

  • Flexible Working

    Dentist Apt? Want to get your teeth into a project? Time in between meetings? We're all for building your day to suit you, whether that's in the office, at home, or in a cafe

  • All the CONDIMENTS!

    From Banana Ketchup to Christmas Chutneys - our sustainable condiments for free for our team to take home & share with their family & friends