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We remanufacture brand name office furniture back to as-new condition and create our own sustainable furniture ranges from waste materials. We create significant cost savings with no compromise on quality.

Better furniture for less. We believe that workspaces can and should be attractive, sustainable and cost less. Rype Office exists to make this easy for customers. We provide high quality better value more sustainable furniture as well as office design assistance.

About us

Furniture is the biggest source of carbon emissions in a commercial building – we reduce this by 80% while saving money for clients and creating jobs for local long-term unemployed with disabilities.

Our 300+ projects prove that every office can be beautiful, sustainable and cost less. Rype Office's core business is remanufacturing office furniture. We are a leader in the Circular Economy and are disrupting the office furniture market. And nominated as one of the top ten circular economy companies to watch in Europe.

The greatest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in the lifetime of a commercial building is office furniture! Instead of buying furniture created from virgin resources more and more businesses are buying remanufactured furniture helping them to save money, without compromising on quality, aesthetics or performance. Remanufacturing reuses the long-life components of high quality used office furniture (e.g. steel parts) and rebuilds the items around them to as-new condition.

Because the long-life components are expensive to create from virgin resources (both financially and environmentally), remanufactured furniture is lower cost and 80% more sustainable than furniture made from virgin resources.

We deal directly with customers to deliver beautiful, sustainable, productive and budget-friendly workspaces. To do this we provide interior design services.

Our value proposition is proving attractive to every size of organisation including blue-chip companies.

Our ambition is to become a global sustainable office furniture company showing that sustainability (and the Circular Economy) is a more profitable alternative to conventional approaches.


Stats we are proud of

  • GhG

    Reduce GhG by 80%

  • 400 tonnes

    Avoided 400 tonnes of furniture going to waste

  • 7,000+ hours

    Provided over 7,000 hours of work for long-term unemployed

Behind the scenes