Sailing The Med

Sailing The Med

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What we're about

We run a number of sailing week adventures per year in the Mediterranean and UK

• Full week long trips in summer in the Mediterranean

• Sailing Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, France, Spain - we've done every country in the Med since 2006!

• Usually 3 day weekends in UK summer (usually to France/Channel Islands or along the south coast)

We are open to all ages and experience.

The Focus is on enjoyment and meeting new friends whilst enjoying being on the water.

One of our goals is to ensure EVERYONE gets a go at being in charge (at the helm) much you want to do is up to you. For many it's more about the idea of a holiday on the water exploring new towns and villages and being able to swim somewhere new every day of their holiday

We are very different to other Meetup sailing groups - indeed we are purely a group of skippers and friends who have been running sailing trips since 2005 and have expanded our group to include new people - that's you :-) We tend to split our time between UK and Australia.

We have a load information available for newbies on our website/blog including videos, previous years, FAQs and more specific trip information when a trip is locked in (i.e. Getting there/away, planned route, etc). We are not a tour business, so you will need to be a mature enough to able to handle yourself when abroad as well as organizing your own travel insurance.

We taken over 250+ different friends sailing since starting and made some lifelong friendships from sailing trips, so why not join us this year??

Behind the scenes