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Sanergy offers a variety of bold sanitation and waste management solutions for today's growing cities! A solution that addresses sanitation and waste management systemic gaps from waste containment, emptying, transport, treatment and reuse of waste generated.

Our approach involves building a repertoire of cost-effective, high-quality sanitation products and services for residents living in urban non-sewered areas, safely removing all of the waste generated by our customers and transporting it to our central processing plant for treatment and up-cycling into high quality agricultural inputs and clean energy. Sold under our FarmStar brand, these products include Evergrow Organic Fertilizer, Kuzapro Insect Based Animal Protein, and biomass briquettes.

To date, we have built a network of over 3,000 Fresh Life Toilets in Nairobi and Kisumu cities of Kenya, which serve over 100,000 urban residents with safe sanitation every single day. At the same time, we safely remove up to 72,000 metric tonnes of organic waste (sanitation, kitchen, and agricultural waste) using innovative technologies developed in-house with robust proven equipment. To achieve all of these, we have built a diverse team of over 250 professionals.

For our work, we have been recognized by Fast Company as one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World Doing Social Good and one of the 10 Best Companies in Africa.

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Cities are growing faster than every before. In Nairobi, over 14,000 tonnes of waste are produced per day, and this is on the rise. Landfills reached capacity over a decade ago. Sanergy are a charity with an incredible mission: turning waste across urban areas in Kenya into high-quality agricultural inputs and clean energy. As a result they also impact on other critical issues such as food security and climate action. Sanergy's innovative circular economy has earned them a well-deserved spot on the Escape 100 list. Employees say it's a great place to work as everyone is so enthusiastic about their mission.

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    Increase in yields from using our agricultural inputs

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