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Mission and VisionThe Scarlett Arts Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing an artist retreat alongside providing free art therapy and workshops throughout the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the Scarlett Arts Society will work with colleges and universities to provide a grant/bursary for recent arts graduates, to kickstart their careers. Our core mission is to provide paid residencies for artists, a rare and increasingly vital opportunity in today's art world. Through this endeavour, we aim to create a nurturing environment where artists can heal in nature and channel their creativity, while also fostering community engagement and conserving the natural beauty of the United Kingdom. Our ultimate vision is to be a catalyst for the intersection of artistic expression, environmental conservation, and community empowerment.Goals and ObjectivesThe goal of Scarlett Arts Society is to provide a nurturing and creative space for artists to heal and create their work. The objectives of the organisation are:

To purchase countryside property in order to set up the artist retreat. This will involve renovating the existing facilities to cater to the needs of artists. To provide paid residencies to a diverse group of artists, allowing those from underrepresented backgrounds to focus on their work without financial constraints. To provide art therapy workshops across the United Kingdom To run workshops nationwide with schools, charities and community groups, introducing them to various art methods and techniques. To hold exhibitions for the resident artists, showcasing their work across the United Kingdom. To secure funding for the charity through grants, donations, and competitions. Ensure staff are encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance, by adopting a four-day working week.

Artist Residencies ProgrammeThe company will offer paid residencies for artists of various disciplines, including visual arts, writing, and music. Artists will be selected through a competitive process, assessing their portfolios, project proposals, and alignment with our mission. These residencies provide not only a space for artistic creation but also an opportunity for artists to heal in the inspiring natural landscapes of the countryside.Workshops and Community Engagement:Scarlett Arts Society will foster collaborations between artists and the community by organising workshops in local schools and community groups. These workshops will provide participants with a platform to learn and experience various art forms, promoting art appreciation and creative expression. This engagement serves to empower individuals through artistic methods and enhance our connections within the community.ExhibitionsWe plan to host periodic exhibitions to showcase the artwork created during artist residencies. These exhibitions will be open to the public, highlighting the art, culture, and creativity that our retreat has nurtured. This platform will not only promote the work of resident artists but also provide an avenue for local artists to gain recognition.

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