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School Club Zambia is a Zambian Non-Governmental Organisation and a UK registered charity working in partnership with schools to ensure children have access to a relevant, effective and sustainable education. We believe that education is the key to unlocking the full potential of children living in poverty across Zambia. Our dedicated team have been providing hands on financial and technical support to eight schools across three districts in Zambia since 2011.

We have four main imapct areas:

1) Self Financing Schools:

School Club Zambia facilitates and supports schools with technical training to develop income-generating enterprises designed to provide a long-term and sustainable source of income for the schools.

2) Vocational Education:

Most young people who finish school at Grade 7 or 8 (Primary Level) will not continue to secondary education due to cost and distance in rural Zambia. We aim to give them the skills and knowledge they need to have alternative and secure sources of income eg carpentry, tailoring, farming etc

3) Literacy Development:

SCZ partnered with Happy Readers - a Zimbabwean literacy program that has had fantastic results and we have now implemented in 5 schools. We've also facilitated additional teacher training workshops

4) Girls Education:

In a bid to challenge girls dropping out of school and gneral absenteeism SCZ has taken a 3 tier approach. 1) Girls Workshops - to educate girls in womens health, the female body, puberty and menstruation. 2) We provide reusable snaitary towels and teach them how to make their own 3) Girls' toilet blocks, that also has a changing room to provide a safe and clean space for the girls when they are menstruating at school.

Stats we are proud of

  • 1%

    Less than 1% spent on administration during 2019

  • 17000

    Self-generated by rural school enterprises since 2011

  • 10

    schools supported through long-term partnerships

  • 6000

    Children directly impacted by our projects in 2020

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