Careers at Seas4Life

Our motivation is for you to discover the real beauty of our beaches, sea-grass beds, mangroves, coral reefs and open oceans; watch and understand the wonders of the reef fish and their coral colonies, or come face to face with dolphins, dugong, manta rays, sea turtles, sharks and whales. Whether swimming, scuba diving, fishing, sailing, or just relaxing, our aim is for you to leave mesmerised by the sea. As Jacques Cousteau said, “Once the sea casts its spell, it holds you in its net of wonder forever.”

We take you from the warm waters of the Red Sea, all the way down East Africa's Indian Ocean coast to the home of a true natural phenomenon......the Sardine Run in South Africa. There are so many opportunities for discovering East and South Africa, both on land and at sea and we want to make sure you don't leave any stone unturned or wave undiscovered. We not only have incredible boats, from 70ft traditional Dhows and Yachts but wonderful coastal hideaways, lake getaways and city retreats.

It is our mission to give back from each and every trip. Each adventure is carbon offsetted by an accredited organisation that has pinpointed projects within Africa. On top of all of that, each and everyone one of you can play your part in ongoing worldwide citizen science initiatives through the photos you take and experiences you have. By feeding into a worldwide database you help scientists identify species migration routes, their health, behaviour and numbers. This is so incredibly important and vital in the efforts to protect and conserve our blue planet's residents and ecosystems within our delicately balanced oceans, lakes and waterways.

Stats we are proud of

  • 10%

    Of sales goes to supporting on the ground Marine projects.

  • 70%

    Of trips feed into citizen science data basis

  • 100%

    Of boats are carbon offsetted

  • 90%

    Of trips are conservation / education focused

Behind the scenes