Careers at SeeBeyondBorders

SeeBeyondBorders implements projects in Cambodia to improve the quality of education in primary schools. We are well established in Cambodia, having provided teacher training and mentoring support in the country since 2009. We prioritise sustainable programming, working with education authorities to ensure teacher professional development activities are embedded into Cambodia's long-term education strategy.

Our Vision: Empowering a generation of Cambodian children through education . Our Mission: To provide the best possible start to early grade education through access to quality teaching and learning at school

In everything we do, SeeBeyondBorders follows five core values: Competency - All of our programs are supported by knowledge and experience. Our team is made up of well trained professionals, who approach tasks with competency and skill. We are always working to share and build knowledge, learn from experience, and promote the idea of a two-way exchange with those we work with. Integrity - We strive to be totally transparent and learn from our mistakes. We seek to ensure that it is our shared vision alone that drives our work. Changemaker - Our biggest priority is to create positive, systemic, and sustainable change in Cambodia. We are not just helping one or two communities, we are working to change the system so that quality education will become available for all and one day the assistance of SeeBeyondBorders in our current guise will no longer be needed. Courage - It’s not easy to challenge the status quo. But to build a better future for Cambodian children, our staff, our partners, and the communities we work with act with personal courage every day to stay the course in the face of adversity. Respect - Our actions are always founded on respect for the teachers, students, and community members we work with, for our fellow team members and for our donors and supporters. We recognise the power we have in our representation of the communities we work with, and we only represent people in ways that are honest, respectful, and fully consensual.

What can we offer Escapees? Want a career and personal challenge? Looking for a professional role that's about more than just money? Like to contribute your professional expertise to a worthwhile cause? Working alongside a dynamic team of local staff and other international volunteers, you'll have the opportunity to share your skills, building capability so eventually a Cambodian national will be able to take on your role. There'll also be opportunity to get involved in activities in the field, and to experience life in a fascinating, and at times, challenging country. We're looking for people willing to commit to 12 months, but shorter periods (6 months minimum) can be negotiated. International volunteers are usually based in Battambang, and are provided generous allowances to cover living expenses at a level of reasonable comfort in Cambodia. We also cover all work related costs, and, in certain circumstances and dependent on the volunteer's skills and experience, we will help support other expenses such as flights, medical insurance, and visa costs.

Stats we are proud of

  • 11

    years working with Cambodian teachers

  • 27000

    children positively impacted through improved teaching

  • 200

    teachers trained to be mentors and to support their peers

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