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We are the ones who started the 'birch water trend'in the UK. We are the first Tree Water company in the world. Just like you can drink water from coconuts we bring water from trees: Birch Maple and Bamboo trees. Tree waters are all naturally hydrating and low in sugar. Our aim is to make low calorie natural hydration available to everyone.

We started 18 months ago and since then grew the team to 10 people and are distributed at the likes of Waitrose Wholefoods Market Selfridges or Boots. We won several food innovation awards were featured in national press dozens of times and are endorsed by Richard Branson.


About us

We met at University studying engineering (and skiing!) in Grenoble, in the heart of the French Alps.

Inspired by a model friends telling us all about of the health-giving properties of birch sap we embarked on a quest which lead us across Lativa to find the pure, unsweetened sap unavailable in UK stores at the time. The moment we tasted fresh birch sap  we knew we wanted to share with everyone else.

We started back in 2014 working nights and weekends and quickly left our city jobs (finally ;) ) to put our first bottle on the shelves a few months later. Since then, we have moved offices 4 times, won the Unilever 'Food for the future' award and grew the team to 10 people all gathered around the idea that tree water should be a staple and available accross the UK.


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