Sirius Programme

Sirius Programme

Careers at Sirius Programme

Sirius Partners surfaces and solves challenges resulting from healthcare change and restructure facing those managing the NHS.

For those working in the NHS, coping with restructuring and complexity, disruption and disconnect is a daily challenge.

Sirius Partners is a healthcare consultancy providing solutions that streamline and integrate; save money and improve.

Unlike other advisory services Sirius Partners insists on using resources that have direct experience of working within healthcare, so we really understand your environment and challenges.

Our Services include;

- Strategic Planning
- Information Management and Technology Service Review
- CCG Performance Accelerator
- CCG QIPP Accelerator
- CCG Informatics Diagnostic
- Programmes and Project Manager
- Supplier Manager

We help you see what needs to be done and develop answers that create the outcome you need.

Behind the scenes