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SKIPS is an educational social enterprise with the objective to raise the achievement of primary (and first stage secondary) school pupils with fun, yet academically challenging parental engagement books - empowering the parent to understand WHAT their children are learning and HOW they are learning it - thereby unlocking their potential to support the curriculum at home - bridging any gap between school and home.

SKIPS organises regional educational programmes based on cognitive science methodology offering a low intervention method that has been proven to draw the parents into a joint learning process and raising attainment. Parental support of the curriculum is the 'missing link' and the key factor for raising educational outcomes for pupils, particularly for disadvantaged children.

SKIPS work books are educational and cover literacy and numeracy as well as life skills for grades 1-7 and work on the basis of left to right learning integrating crossword puzzles into the learning process.

The SKIPS educational programmes combine these educational work books with school-wide implementation programmes targeting improvement of learning processes at grass root level.

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