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Smart School Councils is a charity that helps every child to engage with and lead change in their world through democracy, with a focus on supporting marginalised voices.

Youth voice, participation and democracy shouldn’t only involve young people who are easiest to work with. We believe it should involve all young people and that systemic changes combined with simple digital tools can make this a reality.

We have won a NESTA Democracy Pioneer Award, Mayor of London funding to support marginalised young people in London and reached the milestone of our 3,000th class meeting held. One of our latest exciting projects is partnering with the Restoration and Renewal programme at the UK Parliament to ask young people about the future of the Palace of Westminster.

We have three programmes:

Our core programme supports 360 member schools across the UK with an innovative, whole-school approach to democracy.

The Big Debate Club is a way for young people at home or class to take part in a short, engaging debate to boost oracy skills. Funded by UBS, it has involved 45,000 young people this year

In partnership with Volunteering Matters, we deliver Team London Young Ambassadors which connects young Londoners in Alternative Provision with their communities through social action.

Stats we are proud of

  • 70000

    young people participate in democracy in our programme

  • 95%

    of teacher recommend our programme

  • 400

    schools on our programme

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