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We believe thereis always room for a twiston a classic.At Smith & Sinclair we aim to take it one stepfurther. Our alcoholic pastilles take a range of classiccocktails and turn them intomoments ofsweetunadulterated fun.

We are the creators of the world's first Edible Cocktails think fruit pastilles that are 1/2 a shot and molecularly deconstructed like a drink.


What is our culture like?

We stand for innovation and adult play. We're based in an Army Site - yeah - it's odd - but so is our start up!

We have an in house lab where we concoct all new products which are focused on creating and enhancing adult experiences.

We're known for our Edible Cocktails which are in essence adult fruit pastiles. We have a patent pending which is critical to our innovation process, as all products we create hold IP. We do a number of events under our brand name in addition to brand partnerships; which have included Benefit Cosmetics, Ted Baker and Langleys Gin. 

We working towards a huge goal and our products are just the start. We work exceptionally hard but love to laugh - and have staff outings to Thorpe Park.

Behind the scenes