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With just £500 in our pocket, we set out to launch a pork-snack based business to get more people talking. Life is hard, there's a lot of stresses around with politics, mortgages, faddy diets, the relentless annoyances of social media. All this "utter bollocks" gets in the way of people actually talking. The best times in our life are going out for dinner with our mates, playing darts in the pub with our dad, kicking a ball around in the garden with our daughter. These moments don't involve expensive watches, fast cars or lavish locations. They're GREAT memories as we're spending time with people that REALLY matter to us.

Snaffling Pig's goal in life is to get people talking. We know when food or drink is involved, conversation flows and people loosen up. We create indulgent products that encourage conversation and lighten the mood. We know we're not everyone's cup of tea, but that's ok as long as it gets you talking. 

We think if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing piggin’ right. That’s why we always set out to make the finest, most awesome flavoured pork crackling possible. Thankfully, the good judges at the Great Taste Awards shared our view (hurrah!) as we have received nine Great Taste Awards. We launched the world’s first pork crackling cookbook, our infamous advent calendar and we make the most awesome flavoured glazed gammon steaks with a crackling top. 

We’re not ones for big, gushy value statements, but we’ve got our three simple rules that we live each day by. Do great things. Have some fun. Don’t be a dick. 

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