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Social Enterprise UK

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We are the national body for social enterprise. Together with our 1000 members we lobby government work with big business and run campaigns to raise awareness and create opportunities for the sector.


About us

We are the national body for social enterprise. Together with our members we are the voice for social enterprise. Working with our members, we:

  • Raise awareness of social enterprise and what it can achieve through the media and campaigning.

  • Influence politicians across the spectrum, generating support for social enterprise. Political engagement has been the bedrock of our work and we continue to have great success pushing social enterprise up the policy agenda.

  • Organise the annual Social Enterprise Awards.

  • Run a number of programmes, including Social Enterprise Places, which recognises social enterprise towns, cities and villages in the UK.

  • Lead the Buy Social Corporate Challenge is working with big businesses who are collectively aiming to spend £1bn with social enterprises by 2020. We also work with private sector organisations who want to explore or consolidate their position in the growing social enterprise market.

Behind the scenes