Careers at Sohost

SOHOST is a relaxed, energised workplace designed for evolving businesses, brands and organisations - the right environment to unlock potential among other driven people doing the same thing. We only invite people in who’ll add something to the mix. We don’t offer a personal service, we are personal, a creative community with a serious work ethic; open, self-serviced, simple rolling monthly arrangements, single point of contact and one price.

We encourage crossover and collaboration between guests to accelerate the learning process through shared experience. We promote trade but with a very light touch, giving people their privacy to get on with it, while making sure there are opportunities for guests, clients and other inspiring people to get together socially, environmentally, economically.

Our culture is entrepreneurial, a good place to start-up, energise, rethink, take a break or do something completely different - we’re good company for go-getters who want to grow efficiently, effectively, sustainably, locally, globally - SOHOST simply amplifies your resource.

Ethics come as standard; green energy, fairly traded teas and coffees, recycling, zero waste to landfill, fresh air not aircon, re-purposed and locally made furniture, collaborative working and transparency, are commitments we’ve made - we can do better and we will. Meanwhile, we guarantee to treat guests, visitors, suppliers, neighbours and the planet with equal respect. You deal with the positives, we’ll deal with the negatives.

Behind the scenes