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Realising the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals is a trillion dollar business opportunity. Some of the biggest opportunities lie in transforming the global energy, food and land use systems. Achieving the Global Goals is intrinsically linked to the Paris Agreement and its goal to limit global warming to well below 2°C. Failing to do so could put up to US$ 24 trillion of assets - almost of 20% of all financial assets - at risk by the end of the century.

At South Pole, we work with businesses and governments across the globe. We help realise deep decarbonisation pathways across industries, based on a thorough understanding of climate risks and opportunities in specific sectors, as well as the highest emission reduction standards.

Our Purpose: We act today for a better tomorrow

Our Vision: Climate action for all

Our Mission: We accelerate the transition to a climate-smart society

Our Impact: We support the planet and a sustainable economy

Together with our clients we have so far achieved the following results:

  • Positively affected 20 million people around the globe (around the total population of Sri Lanka)
  • Saved over 170 million tonnes of CO2 (around the annual GHG emissions of the US State of New York)
  • Developed over 700 projects in renewables, forestry, agriculture, industry, households and public institutions
  • Screened the climate footprint of over US$ 2 trillion of investments (in economic terms around double the nominal GDP of Indonesia)
  • Mobilised over US$ 15 billion clean energy investments (around the annual budget of the country of Uruguay)
  • Enabled the production of more than 140,000 GWh of renewable energy (almost half of the national annual electricity consumption of the UK)
  • Protected or restored over 55,000 km2 of land (around the total area of the African country of Togo)
  • Helped create nearly 100,000 jobs in developing countries (around the total number of employees of The Coca-Cola Company)

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