Careers at Spill

Spill was started on the belief that therapy has the power not only to help people navigate through life’s tricky parts, but to give everyone the ability to clarify their feelings and understand their thoughts. The early Spill team are all huge believers in the life-changing power of therapy: we all quit our jobs united by a drive to build the product we wish we’d had when we needed it. So whenever we’re not at our desks shipping the product features to make therapy way easier to access (video sessions bookable in three clicks, anyone?) you’ll find us out and about (now virtually) spreading the word about why a bit of introspection could help make for a less competitive, less materialistic and more emotionally rich world.

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Escape's take on Spill

Managing employee mental health has often been a challenging proposition for employers. Traditional EAPs are often underused or not fit-for-purpose. Enter Spill. Their nifty Slack and MS Teams integrations take a regular pulse check of individuals to identify those who might be struggling and offer up video therapy sessions. They don't just stop there: they also train managers on how to manage emotionally difficult situations, all with the aim of promoting a more emotionally open working culture. It's an incredible mission, which is reflected in the sky-high employee satisfaction scores. A great organisation to keep an eye on for your next career move.

Stats we are proud of

  • 4.5

    days on average to get a therapy session (NHS is 6 weeks)

  • 53%

    of people who use Spill have never had therapy before

  • 41%

    reduction in low mood after 6 Spill sessions

  • 52%

    reduction in anxiety after 6 Spill sessions

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 35
  • 46
    % Female


  • Learning & development

    We'll pay for relevant books to add to the Spill library.

  • Holiday

    25 days’ holiday a year (ex. UK public holidays), as a minimum (not a maximum)

  • Stock options

    In addition to your salary

  • Therapy on Spill

    Access to confidential therapy whenever you need it, paid for by Spill

  • Flexible hours

    To fit around your life

  • Work From Home Budget

    A £200 WFH budget to kit yourself out