Careers at SPYSCAPE

The home of everything SPY. SPYSCAPE is an innovative new concept, being developed by an exceptional team of award-winning creators and subject-matter experts from around the world. SPYSCAPE aims to engage, entertain, educate and empower visitors across physical and digital channels. We've just launched our first product, a physical space in NY, to rave reviews & press, and are now setting our sights on our next ones.

It’s a contemporary museum, featuring dramatic spy stories and gadgets. It’s an interactive experience, full of thrilling spy challenges that will test you and your friends. And it’s a personal journey, to explore your own spy skills and discover what kind of spy you’d be.

Our passion is for entertainment and education - we use spy stories to help people see the world more clearly. Our mission is to inspire and empower - we use spy skills to help people see themselves and their potential more clearly. Our method is to engage people through innovative experiences, products & services - our first spy museum & experience opened in New York City in 2018 and we are now expanding via new channels.

Behind the scenes