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Squeaky Clean Energy

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At Squeaky, we believe that UK businesses deserve a fairer deal when it comes to their energy.

That's why we've built a new kind of energy company. Squeaky is a platform that lets UK business buy their electricity direct from their choice of local wind, solar & wave generators. Buying direct from the source cuts out the middleman and keeps costs low, so you get 100% Squeaky clean energy at the same price as dirty energy.

But Squeaky isn't just about clean energy. We're also building a modern energy company that does what it says it will do, that won't jack prices up in year 2, that has great customer service, and that supports the communities around our generators.

Squeaky launched in 2016 and aims to disrupt the Big 6 energy companies who charge a premium for 'renewable'​ energy that, when you read the small print, often includes dirty energy from burning biomass

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