Careers at storyball

Playtime without Screen Time.

Keeping children physically & socially active in HyperDigital age.

Finally, a screen-free game ball that uses stories, challenges and social games to keep children active and playful whilst developing their skills and imagination.

By grabbing a Storyball in their hand, every child enters a new world of play where they are encouraged to move their body, use their voice and engage with their imagination in order to complete a set of quests at home, outside or with friends and family.

Storyball uses advanced voice, motion & VR technologies to provide children with both audio cues and haptic feedback to guide them, whilst different elastic skins can be wrapped around a Storyball to determine the game and familiar hero that the child is playing with.

Through Storyball’s app parents can see their child’s progress,

know they are safe, and team up with them to save the world!

Behind the scenes