SVS School for English

SVS School for English

Careers at SVS School for English

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, affordable English language training for any student who wants to learn and improve their English language skills.

We firmly believe in giving every student equal access to this important global link language, so they can develop their knowledge of English.

The SVS School for English conducts courses from basic English (Elementary) to advanced English classes (Upper Intermediate & Skills courses). All classes, regardless of the level, focus on a balanced combination of written and spoken English, so that students gain a natural fluency in the English language. Small class sizes ensure students receive individual attention to help them achieve their goals.

We are committed to offering our students the highest quality English classes at the lowest possible cost. In order to do this, we operate on a self-sustaining model, where students are charged a small fee - the most affordable in Colombo – which is used to maintain the operating costs of the school and living costs of our volunteer teachers.

Teachers at SVS School for English are volunteers drawn from across the globe, adding to the multi-cultural nature of the school. Volunteer teachers have university degrees or EFL teaching qualifications, and a passion for inspiring and engaging students to learn.

Our interactive teaching style builds a rapport between teachers and students, creating a fun and friendly classroom atmosphere. This, along with encouraging students to speak only English during school hours means they gain more confidence in conversing and using English on a daily basis.

Stats we are proud of

  • 100%

    of our profits go back into developing the school

  • 80

    of our students have better opportunities for work

  • 30k+

    students have graduated from SVS

Behind the scenes


  • Housing

    We provide a house where all the teachers stay together. Each teacher has their own room.

  • Food

    All meals are provided by the project. Teachers do not have to cook their own meals.

  • Transport

    Rides to and from the school are provided each day.

  • Trips and Games

    We provide a trip to our other project in the hills of Sri Lanka. We also do some events with teachers to add some extra fun to their time with us.