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We are living in a time of massive change, where uncertainty and adaptability is the new normal.

Where almost everything needs to be re-imagined and remade to be fit for purpose in a networked, rapidly decentralising, resource constrained, energy hungry planet of 7 billion plus.

Climate change, biodiversity collapse, nature disconnection, food security, poverty, inequality, education, disease, pollution, health, clean energy and community resilience are the big issues of our time.

In this context business as usual is fast becoming both impossible and irrelevant.

Many of these issues have been created through a disconnected approach to development and most attempts to find solutions continue to take place in silos, where specialisation and ‘separateness’ remain as core ideas.

Yet, these problems are far too complex for any one organisation to solve.

As all life is connected, Swarm bring collaboration, collective intelligence, human creativity and a whole system perspective to finding solutions.

We believe a more beautiful world is possible.

More human, open, fair, creative, generous, participative and life giving supported by a life sustaining planet.

But to get there needs fundamentally different ideas, approaches and critically businesses.

Swarm exists to help accelerate those responding and adapting to these challenges and opportunities.

Because in the near future we believe the most loved brands will be built by the real problems they fix not the novelty they create.

Business unusual.

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