Swoon Editions

Swoon Editions

Careers at Swoon Editions

We're analysts buyers biochemists economists literature majors and designers - a real mix of solid experience and fresh talent.

We're backed by some of the most reputable VCs in Europe and we're hiring smart hardworking people like there's no tomorrow.

Does beautiful furniture have to cost so much?

Two of us started Swoon Editions because we wanted to own beautifully crafted furniture without paying inflated retail prices. We felt there had to be a way, so we worked hard to invent one.

Was it about shifting tons of furniture? No.

Was it about compromising on quality? No.

We realised that if we established demand for something and sold out a limited batch of it, we could operate with pretty low overheads and keep our prices truly amazing.

Our mission has always been simple: Swoon Editions is about getting beautifully crafted furniture from the workshop floor straight to your door at an exceptional price. We hope you enjoy it.

Debbie, Brian

Behind the scenes