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Our Mission: Reduce inequity by helping immigrants move money home by becoming the leading cross-border fintech for immigrants.

The Team: -> Founded by Harvard grads / 3rd-time founders --- also founded Segovia (successful exit) and GiveDirectly (>300M revenue, fastest-growing NGO). -> Top performers from top and varied organizations (e.g., Bain, Bolt, Google, McKinsey, SafeBoda, Uber, Zipline) --- we like moving fast, and we hire people that do as well. -> Driven by mission, guided by values (see below) – in deed, not just word. -> Team as global as the mission, >30 languages from 25 countries (i.e., if you’re interested in learning to make Chicken Moambe, we’re the place).

About Us: Taptap Send is backed by top VCs (Spark, Canaan, Reid Hoffman, Breyer Capital, etc.), rapidly growing and a great place for those looking for both impact and a fast-paced tech startup environment. Read more about the journey in Reid Hoffman’s words or TechCrunch article Launched in 2019, Taptap is tapping into a transformative shift in global finance: from banks to phones. While this has affected wealthier countries as well, it has been nothing short of a revolution for the emerging markets where the overwhelming majority of population had been unable to access digital finance previously. Its first product, Taptap Send, allows immigrants to send money home instantly and with no fee, saving money in the process. With a formal market size of >700B alone, we’ve got a lot more saving to do for our users. And that’s just the beginning….

Our Investors: Spark Capital, Canaan, Reid Hoffman, Breyer Capital (Jim Breyer), Unbound (Shravin Mittal), Wamda (Fadi Ghandour), Firstminute Capital, Slow Ventures (Sam Lessin), Helios Partners (Souleymane Ba), Co-ventures (Ali Hamed), Nikesh Arora, Samih Toukan, and many other context-specific angels

Verified by Escape

Escape's take on Taptap Send

Taptap Send integrates mobile wallets with local cash networks to instantly and inexpensively allow its users to send money home to family in developing countries. The team received consistently high scores across all of our key criteria, so it’s no surprise that they have placed so highly on this year’s Escape 100. We love the commitment to addressing one of the UN’s SDGs, and the huge impact that Taptap Send has had so far.

Stats we are proud of

  • 15+

    Countries served in Africa, Asia, and Carribea

  • 5m+

    Transactions made through our enterprise platform

  • 3 sec

    Every 3 seconds, a customer sends money through Taptap Send

  • >$1m

    Taptap Send saves customers >$1m in fees each month

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