Careers at TechCube

Our Mission is to provide Out-of-the-Box solutions for startups, SMEs and Tech Savvy individuals looking to outsource technical and managerial services.

TechCube was founded by LUMS alumni who are working in close relation with FAST and IBA graduates to make use of the best technical, managerial and financial pool of expertise in the country.

Making use of our expertise in both commercial Web Development and Business-to-Business sales; we offer unique Branding and Design services via collaborative consultation to help businesses unlock their potential for maximum positive impact.

At TechCube we bring together designers, web developers, content writers, marketeers and numerous other professionals, based on one criterion: they must be willing to work with their head in the game.

One simply does not enter The TechCube Den without the spirit of passion and the will to persevere!

Behind the scenes