Careers at Tenteleni

Supporting the development of young people through ethical and affordable volunteering in South Africa, Kenya and Zanzibar.

Tenteleni is volunteer and youth-led. We provide young people with international volunteering placements in schools and local organisations in Africa each summer, as well as training beforehand and support throughout.

We have been working with local partners in partnership for the past 15 years and we stand out against irresponsible and overpriced volunteer-tourism.

Our young people gain a range of transferable skills on project – team, work, problem-solving, international project management, budget management and volunteer management to name just a few. From humanitarian crisis field staff to DFID advisers to teaching careers, our alumni of past volunteers and PCs have gone on to do so much with the skills they gained – you can read their testimonies on our website: https://tenteleni.org/.

Behind the scenes