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Based in central London we blend in-house app strategists and interaction designers with specialist software developers to create mobile products that look and work beautifully.


About us


The App Business (TAB) is an award-winning, full service, specialist mobile software company that grew out of three inspirational years working with Steve Jobs.  Helping to launch the iPhone, App Store and hundreds of apps convinced us that software is eating the world and that people are now turning to apps' to navigate their daily lives. With this in mind, we built The App Business from the ground up, to help businesses meet the challenges and opportunities in our emerging programmable world.'

We work with brands to help them create business-transforming software experiences, across smartphones, tablets, desktop, social media, even TVs - wherever the audience is.  Our approach is audience-led, technology-informed', meaning we blend in-house app strategists and interaction designers with specialist software engineers to craft ideas and technology that actually works.

What is our culture like?


We're a unique company that is changing the way brands develop ideas and engage audiences.  Working with us, you'll be exposed to a highly successful and entrepreneurial digital technology business.

We want people to develop at The App Business more fully than at any other point in their career. We take on big, testing challenges, provide all the support that people need to conquer them and give everybody an opportunity to shape the future of our ambitious company.

Our working culture is modelled on our experience with Apple. Ultimately open, friendly and relaxed, we're committed to ensuring it's easy for everybody to communicate, to share ideas and find solutions. This positive culture is created by our shared ambitions, passion and commitment to hard work.

Behind the scenes