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The Bakery is the most exciting business in London right now.

We are on a mission to make the world a more entrepreneurial place and over the last four years our brilliant team has designed and built a unique model and process which brings together the world's biggest corporates with the best entrepreneurs and startups - to truly make innovation happen.

We have continually iterated and refined our model to achieve something that no one else has: taking over 50 new technologies to market which we've done by partnering corporates with the best early stage startups.

Our client list is second to none having worked with some of the world's biggest and best loved brands with everyone from Google to BMW Unilever to RBS.

And we have built a global network of the world's best startups investors and accelerators along the way.

We have immersed ourselves in this ecosystem and now understand this world of entrepreneurs investors and corporates like no one else.

But this is just the beginning and we've only just started.

Our plans and vision for the business is to grow not just in the U.K. but throughout the world and to develop our programmes to not just partner corporates and startups together but to also create and build new businesses. This will see us create a truly transformational business - an agency of the future powered by a global network of startups and entrepreneurs - both unlocking the huge potential in corporates and spinning off valuable new businesses.

Working at The Bakery is a unique opportunity to learn from the best entrepreneurs and investors to take on their mindset attitudes and beliefs and apply them to the worlds biggest corporates - making real stuff happen.

You'll fit in if you are about:

- Believing in possibilities

- Being real

- Getting it done

- Making things better

The opportunity here is as big as your ambition. It's about the art of the possible in an exponential world. A place where ideas thrive and stuff actually happens.

And our model is the future. If you've been working in a traditional agency consultancy or corporate we will change the way you think.

We want to hire the best, smartest, most diverse, curious and ambitious minds who are excited to come on this journey with us and work in an environment of constant learning and continuous improvement to really make stuff happen.

What can we offer Escapees?

A great entrepreneurial environment and flat structure where you can be yourself, not work stupid hours, and learn from some of the brightest and most exciting startups of today

Why are we exciting?

Working at The Bakery is a unique opportunity to learn from the best entrepreneurs and investors, to take on their mindset, attitudes and beliefs and apply them to the world's biggest corporates - making real stuff happen.

Behind the scenes