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The Huracan Foundation

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The Huracan Foundation is a small UK charity that runs football & education projects both in the UK and particularly overseas that use the power of football to:

- improve children’s education (both inside and outside of the classroom); and - create social change (such as reducing teenage pregnancies, improving opportunities for girls and steering children away from drugs, alcohol and local gangs).

Our projects are led by teachers from the Teach For All network.

We support our Project Leaders by providing funding, kit and equipment, mentoring and access both to our global network and to The Huracan Foundation Academy (an online training programme for Football For Good project leaders).

Please see our website for more details about our work

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You couldn't write the backstory of The Huracan Foundation. A tongue-in-cheek team name for a Sunday league football team that snowballed into a global foundation helping to inspire children and improve the quality of and access to education. Initially focussing their grassroots initiative in Argentina, The Huracan team now empower Teach for All teachers across Europe, Asia and Africa to run football-centric projects that catalyse education and community engagement, often in impoverish and conflict-affected areas. It's no wonder they scored a place in our top 100 in 2021.

Stats we are proud of

  • 5

    Projects supported in 2020, changing childrens' lives

  • 5

    Project Leaders given leadership development support

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