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The Liminal Space

Careers at The Liminal Space

The Liminal Space is a unique consultancy that brings together the rigour of a think tank and the creativity of a cross-disciplinary design studio. Our practice is mission-led and empowers people, researchers, brands and organisations to create positive social impact.

We synthesise complex topics and translate them into tangible objects and experiences that people can relate to and interact with. This direct engagement ignites interest, deepens understanding and inspires action.

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 12
  • 500
    % Female


  • Learning & development

    We'll contribute towards books, training courses and conferences that help you learn and grow in your role here.

  • Equipment

    Choose your own equipment: let us know which tools you need and we’ll do our best to get them for you.

  • Team retreats

    Annual team retreats. A time to get to know each other away from the office.

  • Holiday

    25 days’ holiday a year (inc UK public holidays), and we encourage you to use them all up! It's a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Pensions

    Pensions, with a 3% employer contribution.

  • Regular salary reviews

    In line with a salary framework, to ensure equal pay for equal work and that we recognise and reward when your responsibilities increase.

  • Flexible working

    Whether your child's ill, you're waiting for a package, or you have some deep-focussed work to do, we all work from home (or café) from time to time. We encourage everyone to work from home when you need to.

  • Socials

    Team socials on a regular basis, from dinners to Christmas cabarets