The Mince Pie Project

The Mince Pie Project

Careers at The Mince Pie Project

Described as a "roaring success" by Channel 4 The Mince Pie Project is an annual mince pie auction featuring 100 of the UK's best chefs and restaurants. It takes place across 72 hours every December and has raised almost –à40000 for charity since 2011.

About us

The Mince Pie Project is one of a series of food projects from 25yr old Pete Butler, who is also behind After Hours dessert bar and was involved in Ribstock and Chilli Stand Off in 2012.  Prior to these he worked at The Boston Consulting Group, where he joined after graduating from the University of Cambridge.

What can we offer Escapees?

Being a part of The Mince Pie Project team is an opportunity like no other.  As a member of the team, you'll be part of the project from conception to execution.  You'll be expected to use your experience, contribute your own ideas and take on the responsibility to make those ideas happen.

Over the course of project you'll meet new people and learn new skills.  Most importantly, you will end up having made a real difference to the success of the project.

Why are we exciting?

The Mince Pie Project is a totally unique fundraising event.  Each year, we get 100 of the UK's best chefs and restaurants to create 100 unique and individual boxes of mince pies, which we auction off over 72 hours in December.

We organised the first project from our kitchen table in just 6 weeks.  These days, we put together a small team of food lovers to take on the challenge of making the project happen.

Since 2011, we've been joined by the likes of Michel Roux Jr, Raymond Blanc and Angela Hartnett.  We've been featured on BBC One, Channel 4 and Radio 2 and in The Sunday Times, The Guardian & the Evening Standard.  We've raised almost ‚Äì√†40,000 for charity.

But this is just the start.  We have big plans for the future and we need your help to get there!

Behind the scenes