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Ramp provides next-generation video delivery solutions to unleash the power of video inside the enterprise. As the use of video for business communications continues to grow, the ability to stream successfully to audiences inside the corporate firewall becomes more and more difficult. Deploying an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) optimizes the distribution of video and ensures employees everywhere have a great viewing experience. AltitudeCDN‚Ñ¢ is a simple and secure software solution that overlays your existing network infrastructure to ensure high-quality, stable video from any streaming platform without expensive network upgrades, proprietary infrastructure or custom video players.

Multicast+ is the only standards-based multicast solution for HLS and DASH, the two leading streaming protocols in use today and the defacto standards of the future. For enterprises with multicast-enabled networks, Multicast+ is the next-generation replacement for end-of-life solutions from Microsoft and Cisco.

OmniCache is an advanced video caching solution for live and on-demand video that replaces expensive infrastructure upgrades with a lower cost, flexible solution. The lightweight software-only solution runs on your existing infrastructure and supports all streaming protocols including HLS, DASH, HDS and Smooth Streaming.

Altimeter is the first and only centralized management system for enterprise-grade multicasting and video caching, allowing you to configure and visually monitor the status and performance of your entire eCDN deployment from a single, web-based interface.

AltitudeCDN is common enterprise streaming infrastructure—vendor neutral, scalable, secure, reliable and affordable—making it the only distribution infrastructure you need to support all your video streaming platforms.

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