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The Real Wild Estates Company

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We are on a mission to restore back to nature 100,000 acres of UK landscapes, supporting government & corporate Carbon Net-Zero and Biodiversity needs.

★ WHY DOES NATURE RESTORATION MATTER? ★ According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Risk Report, Biodiversity loss is the second most impactful risk of the next decade, after inextricably linked climate change.

By helping clients, landowners and investors access and profitably manage both UK (and soon European) landscapes back to nature, Real Wild Estates is helping to restore damaged ecosystems that help mitigate the environmental, social, and economic impacts of climate change.

★ WHY SHOULD YOU CONTACT RWE? ★ There is a growing recognition that sustainable nature-based solutions to climate change diversifies risk & offer attractive, long-term investment returns.

Our multidisciplinary team manages and supports clients through each step of the journey, from long-term estate management that maximises biodiversity alongside economic returns, to search and acquisition for institutional or HNW investors looking to get into this new asset class.

★ RESTORING NATURAL PROCESSES ★ Real Wild Estates is not a conventional conservation group or NGO that seeks to conserve or protect existing refuges or ring-fence the last species of their kind. We intend to actively map out viable routes to restoring ecosystems and then implement this across the 5-15 year spectrum, across large marginal landscapes. Parts of this process include rewilding native grazers; natural regeneration; floodplain restoration; keystone species reintroductions - alongside regenerative and nature friendly farming. In addition, we have more specific goals in some of our landscapes.

★ GET IN TOUCH ★ If you think we can help us on our mission, please contact us with covering letter and CV to

Stats we are proud of

  • 20000

    acres coming under a nature restoration strategy

  • 1st

    Company to be launched in this nature recovery sector

  • 1st

    to model nature recovery as a viable land use option

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