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The Skills Builder Partnership

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The Skills Builder Partnership is an award-winning social enterprise that exists to ensure that one day everyone builds the essential skills to succeed. We believe this is key to unlocking social mobility and life outcomes.

The rapidly-growing global partnership brings together more than 700 organisations towards a common mission, joined by shared language, principles and outcomes.

What it’s like working for Skills Builder – quotes from our anonymous Team Survey:

"I'm proud to work for Skills Builder, the impact we have and am privileged to be able to work with such brilliant colleagues."

"It’s always an absolute delight for me to work with just about any member of the team."

"My line manager has been brilliant in making sure that our one-to-one sessions are mainly about me and my professional development. This has made me feel even more valued than I already feel as part of the company as a whole. I'm excited about the new 3-year strategy and the opportunities this will bring to the organisation and to personal development."

"I've said it before, I'll say it again: the support I've been getting in line management is simply amazing! Whether it's about development goals or workload management, I feel truly listened to and I'm benefitting hugely from being coached and/or mentored where relevant."

"The progress by the team, despite the ongoing uncertainty in the wider world, has continued to be remarkable. Everyone is such a pleasure to work with and so committed to doing their best. I've continued to really enjoy the variety and challenge of lots of different workstreams. This term I've really benefited from the support of others in the team, who have supported my development and progression. I really feel like my hard work has been recognised and rewarded.

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Escape's take on The Skills Builder Partnership

The team at Skills Builder are dedicated to the fourth Sustainable Development Goal - promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Their impact in this realm is not to be underestimated, having built partnerships with primary, secondary and SEN schools across the UK and abroad, as well as with employers from Uber to Birmingham Airport. These diverse organisations around the Skills Builder Framework - eight essential skills, which are instilled in school teaching to ensure that all children have the essential skills required to succeed in future. It's a system-altering venture, led by employees as passionate about their mission as they are about the organisation they work for.

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    students in 2019-20

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