The Teacher App

The Teacher App

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Teacher App is a free service which brings schools and teachers together when they need it most, with competitively low fees and no paperwork to worry about.


*Free to sign up

Registering with teacherapp is free, and there are no hidden charges to use our service.

*No Contracts

teacherapp exists to link teachers with schools; there’s no need to sign a contract, and you manage your own jobs through the app.

*Higher Pay

With a competitively low recruiters fee, 100% of what you make from your job through teacherapp goes directly to you.

*Real Time Jobs

Real time requests from schools—messages are received directly from schools when they require a supply teacher.

Connecting teachers to schools:

Whether you are a school in need of full-time, long-term or short-term supply staff, or an available teacher of any subject or grade, teacherapp has you covered.

*Cut costs on recruitment

*Take control of your staffing needs

*Reduce paperwork using our web portal

Behind the scenes