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The Trampery

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The Trampery is a purpose-led enterprise dedicated to making business a positive force in society. It provides workspaces, venues, training and management services in pursuit of its mission.

The five key elements of its mission are to:

- Advance business models with positive social & environmental impact. - Support entrepreneurs from under-represented backgrounds. - Drive inclusion & diversity in the workplace. - Promote healthy work-life balance & wellbeing. - Contribute to thriving neighbourhoods and strong communities.

Today The Trampery operates six campuses across the city, from 10-50,000 square feet. It works with a wide range of property partners including developers, local authorities and public institutions. More than 2000 entrepreneurs, innovators and creative businesses have called The Trampery home.

Our Mission & Vision

We're a London-based social enterprise, specialising in workspace, housing and neighbourhoods for creative businesses and entrepreneurs.

Stats we are proud of

  • 2000

    Over 2000 businesses supported by The Trampery community.

  • 31%

    LGBTQIA+ representation across The Trampery team.

  • 12

    Since 2009, we have operated 12 workspaces across London.

  • 1

    Largest dedicated fashion campus in Europe

Behind the scenes