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The Working Space

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The purpose of Working Space is to provide high quality, best in class products and services to customers who seek to improve efficiencies and productivity typically associated with workstations and storage centers, when operating in a variety of environments. Wherever productivity, safety, comfort, ergonomics, aesthetics or space efficiency are concerns, Working Space can help.

We offer a line of innovative, related products that are focused on tasks associated with personal workspace of users as well as facility wide concerns. Projects can be as large as full industrial facilities, or as small as a single user workspace. Working Space will design and package solutions to meet customer specific application needs utilizing a complement of best in class products.

Applications are found in all types of industry, in commercial and professional environments and in residential workshops and utility spaces. Applications are virtually limitless and governed only by imagination and budgets. Our horizontal approach to market opportunities allows us to serve a myriad of vertical markets with a tailored product offering and sense of purpose.

Our selling approach is consultative and solution based. Services include evaluation, consultation, specification, sales and when appropriate, installation of products.

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