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Third Space Learning

Careers at Third Space Learning

We are a team of technologists, educators and entrepreneurs who are helping to transform an education system in which too many children still fall through the gaps.

We do this by building intelligent technology to recruit, train and qualify a global community of academic talent, making effective one-to-one learning more accessible than ever before.

Our innovation is built on challenging the problem of teacher supply by unlocking human potential around the world. 70% of the world’s university graduates are located in emerging markets, a huge pool of talent. Our model provides a platform to train and develop this talent, connecting it to children around the world for one-to-one support.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Aldgate. We’re currently a team of 40 in London and over 300 across India and Sri Lanka.

Our opportunity is global and our ambition is to be teaching hundreds of thousands of pupils across the world in the next few years. Our starting point has been transforming maths education in primary schools across the UK...

We are Maths specialists. Our tutors work 1-to-1 with 7,000 pupils each week, working with more than 750 schools to raise their attainment and build pupils' confidence.

Stats we are proud of

  • 54%

    of pupils we support are from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • 2000

    schools supported with our 1-to-1 lessons

  • 88%

    of pupils rate our lessons 4/5+ for enjoyment

  • 50000

    children have received our 1-to-1 lessons

Behind the scenes