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Thomas St John Group is the leading international accounting firm for artists, entertainers, sports people, and the businesses they work with. We work seamlessly across 3 countries. We’re a team of 75+ leading accountants, tax advisors and other professionals, with expertise in all the key issues that our clients face.

We're really fired up about making Entertainment & Sports better. About giving artists and entertainers and sports people real clarity and control over the business side of their lives. About giving entertainment businesses the best, and the most efficient, solutions out there. About making it easy for clients to manage their money and their financial obligations. About thinking ahead and freeing our clients up to do what they do best, whether it's music, film and tv, sports, or anything else they want to turn their talents to.

Providing clear solutions to complex problems, delivering expert international accounting, managing money with absolute integrity, resolving the trickiest tax situations - that’s where our talents lie, and what we’re passionate about. We think about the bigger picture and we use our expertise to deliver more value to our clients, to give them better support, to communicate better than anyone else can. That clarity makes the industry better. And it helps our clients be better at what they do. Our focus, our passion to make entertainment and sport better for all our clients…

…that’s what makes us Thomas St John Group.

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