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Challenge: increasing peoples' knowledge about money does not impact their behavior. Our program therefore focuses on emotions and behavior. Our 1st product a mobile game has reached 25k teens to date.


About us

We are a social venture devoted to raise financial literacy within the young and future generations. 

Money is less about numbers and interest than about understanding and positively changing one‘s own behavior. Are you in for scaling innovative methods and projects for financial education in Europe? Because we want to see future generations that deal with their resources sustainably and make financial decisions in an informed, confident way for their own and their communities‘ benefit.

To reach that goal, we are innovating new tools (e.g. games, apps), work with stakeholders from all different fields - from youth workers to young people, from politicians to bankers. And we do our own, behavioural-based research.

We’ve been prototyping our venture in Austria since 06/12 and have prepared our Swiss market launch since 09/13.

At present our core-team consists of the visionary Katharina Norden (co-founder, CEO) and the hands-on Eva-Bettina Gruber (COO).

After the proof-of-concept of our 1st product (the mobile game CURE Runners) in Austria, which reached 25,000 teenagers, we now pilot and develop additional educational tools and scale our venture to Switzerland.

The invitation to present as best practice at the OECD financial education conference shows us: we are innovators and we will continue to exhaust all possibilities to make financial education work.

Check more details online in our “Activity & Impact Report”!

Let’s make effective financial education happen! Are you in?


Our values & working modes:

Thanks to Holacracy we operate as a small team as efficiently as possible – lean management and individual responsibility on top!

Our iterative working styles ask for open collaboration, experiments and agile, flexible team-mates – experience in parkour and jump’n’run counts ;)

We do what works (impact) and get shit done (execute)!

We work in any place we are, need or always desired to be: train stations, co-working-spaces, in the Alps – independent in time and space!

Team meetings are often serviced by the www – Skypes and Google Hangouts are part of the game!

Couch-surfing is the heart of our business trips!

But in the end, we are all humans that care about each other A LOT. – Junior superheroes have to have open eyes, ears and a big heart :)

PS We do celebrate also little milestones … and dance :)

What can we offer Escapees?

We offer exciting fulltime and parttime jobs as well as interships in Austria and Switzerland. 

For experienced, enthusiastic people that are willed to stand up for one of the most important and most challenging education issues in Europe: financial literacy!

As a start-up, we offer a basic salary and the opportunity to raise salary within the first year related to your job’s progress. We are open to discuss additional compensation.

Behind the scenes