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Ticket to Ride believes the world would be a better place if more people had adventures. Adventures provide knowledge, offer perspective, build communities and unite people in the pursuit of a common stoke.

Established in 2005, Ticket to Ride started life running our unique surf courses in South Africa, combining travel, learning to surf and the chance to put something back into the local community. 

Having built up the experience and reputation necessary, we expanded our adventures and camps across the world, and into different sports whilst still maintaining an ethos of responsible travel and working with a network of local providers in each country we go to. 

Today Ticket to Ride is proud to offer instructor courses, adventures, tours and camps designed and operated specifically for surfers, snowboarders, skiers and cyclists throughout the world.

Whether we're in the water or up a mountain, the experience and inspiration that we now have as an international team keeps us one step ahead of the game. We are the number one provider of ultimate training and unlimited adventuring for action sports enthusiasts looking to live out their dreams across the world. See you out there!

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