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TIN Smart Social is Thinking and INnovation in action with expertise in current leading-edge digital processes, learning and social enterprise.

Working with the private, public and education sectors we are defining a new way of Lifelong Learning by establishing Digital Skills Venture Studios throughout the UK and with international partners (USA and Caribbean).

We recognise that society is rapidly transferring to a digital skills economy but our education systems have not caught up with the speed of this transition. People must continually learn new skills to be ready to fill in-demand roles in the workplace or for their own development.

We bring the expertise and proven methods for all parties to train and prepare for the future as we Involve, Solve and Evolve with any individual or organisation looking to make the crucial change.

We have developed our Digisheds™ Smart Skills Engine (SSE) which is a national programme with global reach. The programme provides purpose-built, safe, interactive and supportive spaces where people from all communities (with an emphasis on historically under-served and excluded citizens) to acquire the right digital skills alongside employers actively hiring entry-level staff with these skills.

This industrialised model develops and rapidly implements certified digital skills training and employment through a learning services portal that can drive talent transformation across a whole region.

This programme is 'collaboration in action' with employers partners such as IBM, public services and learners all critical to its successful delivery.

In designing the Digisheds programme, TIN Smart Social partnered with sector-leading specialists to help schools, employers, government agencies, foundations, non-profit organisations and innovators alike design, test and implement new digital skills models.

We look forward to working with you.

Alex Cole: Chief Innovation Officer

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