Careers at TMRW HUB

We offer spacious, functional design facilities (see below) and leverage our network of connections to industry giants, tech CEOs with outstanding track records and investors big and small to help our members achieve their dreams.

The most spacious Tech hub in London.

We provide the most generous amount of space per member compared to any Tech Hub in London (maybe the UK). No WeWork-type tight squeeze here with narrow glass 'office'​ boxes and half-width desks; we provide full size, full-width OpenDesk(C) tables, and plenty of comfortable areas to meet, exchange, relax, read or learn.

Best facilities, all inclusive.

10 offices, 350 Opendesk(C) designer desks, ergo chairs, natural light throughout, real fresh air (windows at each desk and office), 4 meeting rooms, sound-proofed booths, a calm oasis area to relax, a tech-enabled event space large enough for 350 people, free Gigabit Internet and wifi throughout (with voice-only VoIP network for best call quality), free printing, 2 kitchens with full amenities, and our BYTE café downstairs (best food and coffee in town).

REAL Tech people. We build great businesses here, not media hype.

Unlike other spaces, TMRW focuses on TECH (only); our entire management team, Board and industry network comes from the Tech industry (unlike most others, Property entrepreneurs).

Why? Because we don't believe the hype and 'happy, good looking community"​ cliché; building a tech business is extremely hard; and WE have been there: the grind, the late nights, the missed deadlines and no cash.

Property landlords cannot help you build a Tech company, only those who've built a tech business, have failed and stood up again can.

We bring real (good and bad) experience, investors, failures and successes, all of them.

Behind the scenes